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23 July 2002

G3 Gold Community 3 month trial starts now.

The G3 Forums have been upgraded to Ezboard Gold Community Status. This means that all advertising has been removed and there are a few more features to play with.  (Look out for sticky threads!)  Toward the end of this period, I will be evaluating the difference this has made to the usage of the boards and looking for feedback from the users to see if we can justify keeping it this way.  Hope to see you there soon.

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12 July 2002

G3 Gets it's first mention in a gaming publication.

G3 gets a credit for playtesting in the new 'Celtos' rulebook from I-Kore, with specific mentions of all those involved in the playtest sessions.   It's a lovely book, so what are you waiting for?  Go get a copy!

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01 July 2002

Shock!  Horror!  Probe!  Second update in a fortnight!

Just added last year's Roll of Honour to the club section.  Aside from that, I just want to remind everyone that this year's AGM looms large and it's time to think about which issues you want raised and who you want to see on the committee for the next year.

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19 June 2002

Ok, ok... stop bitching at me, i'm updating it now aren't I?

There's actually been quite a lot happening since my last update.  It has been over half a year after all.

G3 was present at a couple of cons this this year.  Conclave was in March and saw the first outing of George's Counter Strike game (based on the Half Life mod, don't you know).  Among all the other CCG madness, GrogGut ran a 7th Sea tournie (In his spectacular pirate costume! LOL!), and GBH demoed Magi Nation (See the forum for details of his upcoming Magi Nation touney, btw.)  In the RPG room, Freddy ran a rilly cool SLA Industries game (apologies to Andreas for shooting him dead).  Many thanks go to Martin Sweeney (another of our regulars, in case you didn't know) for organising such a great weekend.  We'll all be looking forward to the next one.

April saw us at Wappinshaw, Glasgow's annual wargames fair.  George ran his Counter Strike game again and Spence made a killing at the bring and buy as usual.  I-Kore came along as our guests and used our boards and terrain to demo VOID (w00t) and Andy P managed to kick my @$$ at it (embarrasing).  Always good to see the guys from I-Kore around tho.

Speaking of I-Kore, we now have a VOID tourney underway at the club with lots of neat prizes (see Spence for details).  It might not be too late to join in as I haven't even played my first game yet and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

And speaking of tournies, we had a couple of rilly fun ones in the last 6 months.  The 2001/2002 Blood Bowl season wrapped up in February with a tense match between Big Grim's Athelorn Enigmas and ZTM's Hag Graef Hydras.  In the end the scoreline was 2-1 and the Enigmas took the cup (Go Wood Elves!)  We also had a Chainmail tourney a little while ago.  Spence won, with Big Al in second place and I managed to scrape into third place (Go gnolls!)

Membership seems to be going through the roof.  I don't have any exact figures but the hall seems to be getting pretty crowded lately.  So a big 'howdy' to all the new members (you know who you are).

Till next time...

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10 Nov 2001

Christmas breaks, Static, Vor and Necromunda

Sorry it's been so long since the last update, but here's the news.

Firstly, the really important news that the club will be closed on November 20th and 27th because of the d**n panto rehearsals again.  Normal service will resume again from December 4th until December 18th.  After that we'll be closed for Christmas, starting up again on January 8th.

This will probably mean an extension to the 1st round of the Bloodbowl tournament.  Check the forum for details.

New this month is the Static forum.  Each week, Kenny will be updating us with all the new releases available from his fine establishment.

Our Vor campaign has now started.  It's pretty casual, so anyone can join in whenever they like and get a chance to use those named model rules.  See the Vor Campaign forum for the story so far.

GBH will be running a Necromunda campaign, starting early next year.  Sign up now for all the joyful violence!


16 Aug 2001

AGM Announced

G3's 2001 Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th August.

All items pertaining to the operation of the club will be open for discussion and all committee positions will be open for election.

This is the best opportunity to influence the running of the club for the next year, so all members are urged to attend.


12 Aug 2001

Site update.

I've added the links page, there's now a few links to some useful gaming related sites and some clubs in Scotland.


12 Aug 2001

Claymore 2001

Last week's event was a great success. "Barbarossa: Vampires on the Eastern Front" raised a few eyebrows and proved great fun for all that participated.

We had WW2 Germans and hordes of Undead on the same table. Job Done. What insanity can we come up with for next year?